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Ocala, Florida 2005 Keuring

September 26, 2005

2005 Keuring in Weirsdale, Florida – A Success!

If someone asked me a while ago how much time it would take to get ready for a Keuring, I would have definitely said 4 – 6 weeks to be on the safe side.  Well, two weeks is what we had and two weeks is what it took to have everything ready to go. It was a great example of team effort, the many hands pitching into this project definitely made the job possible.
Any event like this starts out with a lot of paper work. Registrations were sent out, responses were processed, and reservations for an equestrian facility and also for cottages and stalls were made.
A large banner with our FHASE logo was created along with a brochure with information about our club. We also put together a program to guide our participants and visitors through the day. On our “for sale” table we offered embroidered membership shirts, visors and totes, and a number of gift items with Friesian horse images.
A videographer was appointed and a professional was hired to take pictures. We also picked our announcer who had the pleasure of studying the pronunciation of the horses’ Friesian names!
An event like this certainly couldn’t take place without music so we selected a number of pieces composed by Strauss and Schubert to musically accompany the day’s activities.
Breakfast was provided by FHASE and lunch by Subway Sandwiches.
The Friesian judges and runners were picked up from the airport and transported to their accommodations.
While we were busy organizing, our participants were working hard on getting their horses ready for the big day. It seems that all their efforts paid off because the results of this year’s inspection were incredible! Every one of the foals present was awarded a premium! One of the fillies not only displayed great movement and confirmation but she also showed off her spirit by trying to climb over the fence! She walked away with a first premium.
Within all the mare categories there were a few that earned a third premium and we also have a brand new star mare in our territory and two new star geldings!
The facility where our Keuring took place is called Continental Acres. It is a famous equestrian resort that sprawls across approximately 400 beautifully maintained acres. It offers an assortment of cottages and barns for rent. It is home of the “Austin Carriage Museum”, which houses an extensive collection of European and American horse drawn vehicles. A museum tour and a luncheon were offered to participants of the Keuring the day before the event. We were fortunate to have the owner of the facility, Gloria Austin, point out many of the highlights of the tour to us.
Sunday night’s pot luck dinner was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little bit. We all gathered outside one of the cottages and shared great food and drink and a wonderful time!
All in all the Keuring was a great experience. Monday afternoon we parted with many happy horse owners and visitors alike. As with all things in life there is always room for improvement. If given the opportunity we would certainly make it a priority to work on those areas in the future.
But for the majority it was a pleasant and successful day.
One of the many compliments that were made came from one of the runners as they departed for the airport. He shouted out of the window of the moving vehicle and said: “One piece of advice to you all……don’t change anything!” At least for the remainder of the day, it sounded like a good idea!
On an ending note we would like to thank all our participants for coming and congratulate everyone on their horses regardless of their earnings, they all contributed in one way or another!
On behalf of FHASE we would also like to thank all those people who gave their time, talents and dollars to make this event a success:

Jim Buzbee and Marlene Koper, program, brochure, banner; Mike Di Pasqua, announcing; Guy Lawless, music; Jim Buzbee, videography; Margaret Corry, photography; Anna Di Pasqua, comic; Donna Di Pasqua, Subway Sabndwiches; Theresa Koper, volunteer; Beanie and Wayne Brooks, volunteers; Rick Simonetti, organization of event; Gloria Austin, museum tour; Continental Acres staff, support with planning; Tip Tops, membership shirts, totes, pens; Larry Laferriere, art work and computer support; Nadine Kothe, website; Lydia Von Borstel, treasurer; Bobbi Fenderson, President of FHASE, organization of event; Martina Di Pasqua, Vice President of FHASE, organization of event

Thanks to all of you and keep in touch!
Martina Di Pasqua

Fillies for Foal Book
Sophie F. (Sibald 380 x Ids 300) – 2nd premie
Owned by Kay Faircloth
Sydney von Borstel (Goffert 369 x Jakob 302) – 1st premie – Champion
Owned by Lydia Von Borstel - FHASE Member
Reagan of Knightsbridge (Wisse 408 x Remmelt 323) – 2nd premie – Reserve
Owned by Gail Deering
Star of the Knight (Tsjipke 399 x Feitse 293) – 3rd premie
Owned by Gail Deering

Colts for Foal Book
Rukas (Teade 392 x Bendert 281) - 2nd premie – Champion
Owned by Kimberly Turner-Osborne - FHASE Member
Samson (Mintse 384 x Fede 350) – 2nd premie
Owned by Sylvia Brown
Rolex (Doaitsen 420 x Thomas 327) – 3rd premie
Owned by Fred & Joann Rawn-FHASE Member
Phoenix (Wibe 402 x Atse 342) – 3rd premie
Owned by Guerard “Hardy” Brown
Sirius Black (Rik 396 x Jasper 366) – 2nd premie – Reserve
Owned by Deborah Svensson-FHASE Member

2yr old Fillies for Premium
Lorelie (Remmelt 323 x Barteld 292) - 3rd premie
Owned by Kay Faircloth
Lothlorien of Mill Cave (Goffert 369 x Oege P 267) – 3rd premie – Reserve
Owned by Holly Henry DVM

3+ Mare for Studbook and Star
Aahnya (Bendert 281 x Pyt 325) – No premie (Studbook)
Owned by Kimberly Turner-Osborne - FHASE Member
Fiona C. (Warn 335 x Ludse 305) – No premie (Studbook)
Owned by Kathleen O’Grady
Geesha (Lukas 324 x Tjimme 275) – 3rd premie (Studbook) – Champion
Owned by Toni & David Tidwell
Yke v.d. Egberdina Hoeve (Feitse 293 P x Dimer 285) – (no studbook)
Owned by Gail Deering

Mare Repeat for Star
Bonita fan Henswoude (Lute 304 x Gaije 295) – Studbook
Owned by Michele & Russell Galloway-FHASE Member
Zarina H.M. (Feitse 293 P x Dirk 298) – 2nd premie STAR – Champion
Owned by Nadine Kothe-FHASE Member

Star Mares 4+ for Premium
Rianne fan Hylpen S (Remmelt 323 x Jochem 259) – 2nd premie star – Reserve
Owned by Gail Deering
Tiresa S (Fede 350 x Jochem 259) – 2nd premie star
Owned by Gail Deering

Geldings for Studbook and Star
Gjalt fan t Hettingapaed (Lute 304 x Freak 218) – Studbook
Owned by Kathleen Stringer-FHASE Member
Frans ut e Reiden (Abel 344 x Peke 268) – 2nd premie STAR – Reserve
Owned by Kara Florek-FHASE Member
Quentin (Tjimme 275 x Bouwe 242) – 2nd premie STAR – Champion
Owned by Beverly Moore-FHASE Member

Dear Members of FHASE
I want to take a minute to tell each and every one of you that worked so hard to make the 2005 keuring in the South such a big success, Thank You!  I am so pleased with the way a group of workers can pull together and make this Keuring go ahead. I can't believe that within hours of me being notified the Keuring was cancelled, your group had someone at the site location to get everything back on schedule. Then for your group to get in touch with every participant and get all the registrations back again is overwhelming.
Not that all of the above wasn't enough to do, but you shocked me at how organized you were at the Keuring. The welcoming table was so nice to have and then  to have a reception and meals lined up so perfectly is just unbelievable.
I want to commend all of you on how wonderful of a job you did. I will say the judges and the runners were equally impressed with your work and they sure enjoyed their visit to Ocala FL.
I always knew your group would be a great host but to do it all in two weeks sure makes me feel great to be a member of your chapter.
Thank you so much
Rick Simonetti
FHANA Secretary

Margaret Corry Photography - the official Keuring photographer


The following pictures have been provided by Toni Tidwell

Geesha (Lukas 324 x Tjimme 275), owner: Tony & David Tidwell:

Fiona C. (Warn 335 x Ludse 305), owner: Kathleen O'Grady:

Aahnya (Bendert 281 x Pyt 325), owner: Kimberly M. Turner-Osborne:

Sirius Black (Rik 396 x Jasper 366), owner: Deborah Svensson:

Rukas (Teade 392 x Bendert 281), owner: Kimberly M. Turner-Osborne:

Sydney von Borstel (Goffert 369 x Jakob 302), owner: Lydia von Borstel:

Lorelie (Remmelt 323 x Barteld 292), owner: Kay Faircloth:

Lothlorien of Mill Cave (Goffert 369 x Oege 267 P), owner: Holly M. Henry, DVM

Morristown, TN 2005 Keuring

September 27, 2005

Little did I know when I offered to host a Keuring that it would become the second largest one on the east coast…

A great few days was had by all, equine and human alike! After our experience the year prior in hurricane wind and rain, trees blocking the way to the farm, no electricity and our beloved hostess with a tree in her kitchen, I made it a high priority to find a facility with an indoor arena. The Walter’s State Expo Center in Morristown, TN was the perfect choice. A huge arena, roomy stalls, ample parking, and a great sound system were a treat. We all even gathered for a “meet & greet” the night before the event to visit and feast.

The inspection ran smoothly and the judges were fair and to the point with their analysis of the horses. They were also willing to speak with the owners briefly if they had any questions, which was kind considering the time frame we were working with. The quality and movement of the 40+ horses and foals was outstanding! Our congratulations go to Lori Gettig / Simply Stunning (champion filly) and to Sally Lawing / Svetiana PF (res. champion filly). Also, congratulations to Pamela Jackson / Robbert of Shady Nook Farm (champion colt) and Sally Lawing / Samson PF (res. champion colt).

Our champion mare of the day was Barbara Hess’s Elza fan Toarenburg(S) and reserve champion ribbon went to Karen Waldron’s Hedwig. Cheri Wine’s Barthalomew was the champion gelding. Unfortunately none of the stallions presented were quite what the judges were looking for yet. One must not forget to recognize Rolinette, an aged mare that was a repeat for ster and is now a second premie at 16 years young! (Can you tell I’m a little proud…) All of the owners should be very pleased with their horses, much time and effort was obviously put into everyone’s preparation for this event. Exceptional turnout and professionalism was greatly appreciated!

Many sponsors and door prize donations helped to make this keuring possible. Please thank:
Bill Gatton Chevy / Cadillac / Isuzu of Bristol TN, Shady Nook Farm of York, SC., Cooper Chiropractic Center of Bristol, TN., Kay Cassell Equine Insurance, Mize Farm and Garden, Shamrock Horse Necessities, Steele Creek Farm, Wright Equipment Co., Light’s of Abingdon, VA., Fun Time Foto, Critternut Services, Tanbark Acres, Majestic Acres, Tom Large, farrier, Friesian Horse Assn. of the Southeast , Lillypad Video Productions, Meissner family / 2 night vacation rental home, Torbett Greenhouse, Wayne Walters / custom white bridles, Absolutely Exquisite Friesians, The Baugh family, The Bush family, The Jackson family

In conclusion I’d like to thank all of the owners and enthusiasts that attended our TN keuring. Without you and your horses’ fantastic energy, our inspection would not have been the same. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year with the newest herd of feathered friends!

Lisa Baker
Majestic Acres
FHASE member and TN Keuring hostess


TN Keuring results / FHASE members only:

Fillies for Foal Book - Rokka (Jorrit 363) 3rd premium - Owned by Ray Ann Hickey

Colts For Foal Book - Solo (Sibald 380) 2nd premium - Owned by Ray Ann Hickey
                                 Reward fan’t Sans Souci (Ait 410) 3rd premium - Owned by Grace Greenlee

Mare Repeat for Star - Rolinette (Tjimme 275) 2nd premium - Owned by Lisa Baker