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2007 Florida Keuring Results

Our judges: BJ Nerenhausen and Fetse Veldstra

and our runners all the way from Friesland: Siep and Pete

Category: 13: 3+ year old Stallion for Central Proving

Lex B. 200303149 Vb H Stallion
DOB: 3/20/2003
Sire: Tsjerk 328 199008331 Stb
Dam: Elza 199320730 Ster
Sire of Dam: Oege 197702671 Stb
Owner: K & D Faircloth, KCís Ranch, Anderson, GA
Ster Stallion

Champion of the Day

Category: 5: 3+ year old Mares for studbook and star

Mascha ut ut west 200403714 Vb M Mare
DOB: 5/16/2004
Sire: Ulbert 390 199809241 Stb
Dam: Limkje ut ti west 199509010 Ster
Sire of Dam: Jergen 198503031 Stb
Owner: S. Seamon Norco CA
Stb 3rd premie

Category: 6: Mare Repeat Judging for Star

Klaske fan e Spongedyk 200303661 Stb Mare
DOB: 4/09/2003
Sire: Onne 376 199619181 Stb
Dam: Welmoed fan e Sjongedyk 199924220 Ster
Sire of Dam: Feitse 293 198302931 Stb
Owner: Jorge & Melissa Alvarez Juno Beach, FL
Ster 1st premie

Champion Mare

Reserve Champion of the Day

Brechtsje U 200030050 Stb Mare
DOB: 5/9/2000
Sire: Nanno 372 199605251 Stb
Dam: Ulrieka 199004630 Stb Ster Pref
Sire of Dam: Dirk 198202981 Stb
Owner: A & K Edwards, Jasper, FL
Stb 3rd premie
Tiffany 199805720 Stb Mare
DOB: 4/29/1997
Sire: Feitse 293 198302931 Stb Pref
Dam: Iris G 199412760 Ster
Sire of Dam: Dirk 198202981 Stb
Owner: M. Mickelson, Loxahatchee, FL
Ster 2nd premie

Reserve Champion Mare

Category: 10: 3+ year old Gelding for Studbook and Star

Mjollnir 200404808 Vb H Gelding
DOB: 2/06/2004
Sire: Warn 335 199118621 Stb
Dam: Willa Bea 199932730
Sire of Dam: Laes 278 197502781 Stb
Owner: M. Clark Wiersdale, FL
Ster 2nd premie

Champion Gelding

Category: 11: 3+ year old Gelding Repeat Judging for Studbook and Star

Her 199418601 Vb H Gelding
DOB: 5/25/1994
Sire: Ritse 322 1989090211 Stb
Dam: Mira 198789500
Sire of Dam: Tjimme 275 196754720 Stb
Owner: Marlene M. Koper, Journeyís End Farm, Brooksville, FL
Ster 2nd premie

Reserve Champion Gelding

Category: 1: Fillies for Foalbook

Yfke fan Fenson 200704082 VVR M Filly
DOB: 3/12/2007
Sire: Wibe 402 199901901 Stb
Dam: Vraukje Sietske v.d. Vospoort 199833950 Ster
Sire of Dam: Gradus 356 199420631 Stb
Owner: Bobbi Fenderson, Imperial Oaks Friesians, Wellborn, FL
1st premie

Reserve Champion Filly

Zoey fan Top Hat VVR M Filly
DOB: 7/19/2007
Sire: Tietse 428 199805301 Stb
Dam: Jitske fan Bonnie View 200306668 Ster
Sire of Dam: Wicher 199101031 Stb
Owner: Jorge & Melissa Alvarez Juno Beach, FL
2nd premie


Zerelda F 200702299 VVR M Filly
DOB: 4/1/2007
Sire: Teade 392 199818761 Stb
Dam: Lori 199521500
Sire of Dam: Ids 300 198503001 Stb
Owner: K & D Faircloth Andersonville, GA
1st premie

Champion Filly

Yasmin J 200701783 VVR M Filly
DOB: 3/26/2007
Sire: Anne 340 199200101 Stb
Dam: HeleneSF 200254240
Sire of Dam: Pyt 198803251 Stb
Owner: S & A Joiner, Heavenís Gate Ranch, Lillian, AL
2nd premie

Category: 2: Colts for Foalbook

Willem Fan Peaske 200704091 VVR H Colt
DOB: 4/19/2007
Sire: Winand 405 199909281 Stb
Dam: Nienke Ut it West 199603810
Sire of Dam: Jurjen 303 198503031 Stb
Owner: Martina DiPasqua, Fairlawn Farm, Sorrento, FL
3rd premie
Ynze fan Fenson 200704081 VVR H Colt
DOB: 2/15/2007
Sire: Ait 410 200002701 Stb
Dam: Hadewich D. 200246510 Ster
Sire of Dam: Krist 358 199510631 Stb
Owner: Bobbi Fenderson, Imperial Oaks Friesians Wellborn, FL
2nd premie

Reserve Champion Colt

Zoltan 200701679 VVR H Colt
DOB: 4/8/2007
Sire: Tietse 428 199805301 Stb
Dam: Whitha 199941210 Ster
Sire of Dam: Adel 357 199201761 Stb
Owner: Jorge & Melissa Alvarez Juno Beach, FL
1st premie

Champion Colt

Category: 3: Fillies for Foalbook

Vibrance of America 200605768 VVR M Filly
DOB: 7/04/2006
Sire: Geoffert 369 199413361 Stb
Dam: Tiffany 199805720
Sire of Dam: Feitse 293 198302931 Stb
Owner: Marissa Mickelson, Loxahatchee, FL
3rd premie

all pictures by Nadine Kothe (unless otherwise stated)

What can I say, I am so very excited and proud for each and everyone of you for the great results our Keuring had!  Some of you may not have been there to hear Fetse (our Dutch judge) when he remarked that "this is a small number of horses but I am very impressed at the quality we have seen here."  I must agree!
Each of you should be so proud of the job you did with the choices of horses you have made and then the love and care you have given to them. It shows!
I would like to personally thank Nadine for an awesome job of getting our Keuring captured in pictures and put on the site in such a timely manner. Also for her very capable assistance to the judges during the Keuring.  They both remarked how thoroughly she handles that. 
Nadine, you da best!!!
Also Kudos to Martina for taking the bull by the horn and filling in for our announcer position.  Great job gal!!  Thanks so much. 
Also to Marlene for the wonderful "goodie" bags that she put together for us.  What a great surprise! 
To all who pitched in to help out where ever you were asked/needed. 
 This is what sets FHASE apart from other clubs.  Members are always willing to go the extra mile!
To both "Marys", thanks for all your help, transporting runners, judges, working the store, working the ring, just plain working!!
Ed for your videoing at the last minute,
Nancy and Teri for working the store and any other place we ask,
Michelle and Russ for your help with the ring and the PA system.
To my best friends Beanie and Wayne who year after year return for more abuse! (And they aren't even Friesian owners!) They help everyone in every way and mostly they are my support system with bringing multiple horses to manage.
To Brandy Johnson for the beautiful photos that she captured as our professional photographer.  I hope that you will support her by buying some "memory" photos from her at  www.brandyjohnson.smugmug.com  She got some awesome shots of each horse!
I'm sure there are others I am not capturing at this time but I just plain thank anyone who helped out!
This Keuring couldn't be done without each person's contribution. 
I would appreciate any comments that might help us to provide a better, more smooth Keuring in the future.  We truly welcome any constructive criticism or ideas you might have to share.
Again, Congratulations to each entrant, you should be very proud!


Bobbi Fenderson,

FHASE President