Imperial Oaks Friesians is a family ranch set on 45 acres of lush North Florida farm land.  The ranch has acres of Live Oak trees, some dating 400 years old.

We came to Florida to visit friends and fell in love with the rural land here and especially with our piece of heaven that became "Imperial Oaks Ranch."


The Ranch was named after our wonderful Morgan stallion, "Paramount Imperial."  Imperial moved here with us from New Hampshire in October of 1996.  He sired several foals here and in 2001 we lost him at age 28.
After many months of looking for a Morgan stallion to replace him, and finding nothing to compare, we decided it was time to follow a life long dream.  To own and breed beautiful Friesian horses.

The ranch name was modified to reflect this life change.  Thus, "Imperial Oaks Friesians."
We spend our time trail riding and driving our Friesians and love to share them with visitors. 
You are always welcome here at the ranch to just relax and enjoy the beauty.


Horsey Wisdom. . .

When your day seems out of balance
and so many things go wrong.
When people fight around you,
and the day drags on so long.

His gentle breath enfolds you,
and he watches with those eyes.
He may not have a PhD,
but he is oh, so wise.

His head rests on your shoulder.
You embrace him oh so tight.

He puts your world in balance,
and makes it all seem right.

Your tears they soon stop flowing,
the tension now is eased.
The garbage has been lifted,
and your quieted and at peace.

So when you need a balance,
from circumstances in your day,
the best therapy you can seek,
is out there eating hay.




Imperial Oaks Friesians


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